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Our mission is to give our clients every tool they could possibly need to succeed. Everything else you need to know can be summed up with 6 questions

Who Is Big Picture Creatives?

Big Picture Creatives is a collective of Marketing, Design, and SEO Specialists. Lead by Francisco Jones, the team is constantly looking for new ways to revolutionize and innovate Web Design. Head of Marketing, Alex Westfield, brings her unique perspective to every project. From Brand Development to Digital Marketing Alex's ideas are always something to behold.

Five Star Wix Partner Program Member Since 2021

What is Big Picture Creatives?

Big Picture Creatives is a Business Development Firm that specializes in Web Design and SEO. Though that their specialties they do far more. Services range from Brand Development and Merchandising to Social Media Management and Logo Design. We really offer our clients every tool they could possibly need to succeed.

When Did Big Picture Creatives Start?

A lot happened in 2020, many businesses closed and a lot more started. In the height of the Pandemic Francisco brought together 10 people to create Big Picture Creatives. Everyone had their own reasons for doing this. For Francisco he wanted to focus less on making a quick buck and more on making a lasting change. One that can help small businesses for years to come. We may only be a few years old but every member of our team has over a decade experience in their respected specialty.


Where Is Big Picture Creatives?

Big Picture Creatives is based in Brooklyn, New York but operates all over the United States. When creating Big Picture Creatives Francisco wanted the most creative minds out there, regardless of geographical location. Outside of New York we also have Specialists based in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago. Marketing is Alex's territory and she's based in Chicago. Our Merchandising Distribution is done in Detroit, the same person does distribution for our sister-company, HelpingHandCreatives. Our Designers are a couple of LA locals who do amazing Graphics, Logos, Animations and more.

Why Does Big Picture Creatives Do What They Do?

Two words: OUR CLIENTS. Everything we do is for our amazing clients. We don't partner with everyone that comes to us. We're specifically looking for people who are kind, open minded, and put customers first. Those three factors are why we're successful so if someone doesn't operate their business in the same manner, we know they aren't worth our time.

How Does Big Picture Creatives Do What They Do?

With decades of experience we're able to turn out high quality products in a timely manner. It all starts with a call. We do a consultation to see if your business is a good fit. If we like you and what you do we'll perform an SEO analysis of your website. We'll use our research to create a Business Development Strategy. We tell you what you're doing right, what you're doing wrong, and how we can help you get on the right track. We're not salesmen, we're CREATIVES. We aren't going to give you the most expensive option. We'll give you multiple options to choose from and tell you which options are best for you business.

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